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They’re Spanx

Quote from the popular new comedy movie The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Clueless Movie Quote

Superficial Space Cadet

Funny little movie scene pic from the cute 1995 coming of age movie Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, and …

You Fat Lard

 A funny scene from the popular 2004 comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Let’s Get It On

A super funny quote from a scene in the comedy movie Step Brothers starring funny man Will Ferrell.

I Love Teaching

A lovely quote about being a teacher from the popular 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society starring Robbin Williams.

How Winning is Done

  Famous quote from the popular Rocky film series starring¬†Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa.